PJSC Mine Rescue Equipment Company (DZGA)


PJSC Mine Rescue Equipment Company (DZGA), which belongs to DEZEGA HOLDING, is a worldwide leading manufacturer of mine rescue equipment.

Having more than 60 years of successful experience in the safety business, our company produces high quality self-rescuers for mining and other industries as well as breathing apparatus for rescue operations. Our equipment is widely used in the mining industry, and other industrial sectors, for the safe escape of personnel and the injured from areas with dangerous irrespirable environments.

We are very proud that we are working in order to save lives. We are designing, producing, distributing and servicing our products with the only goal to protect our users in the situations when nothing else can help them to survive. Our chief priority is ensuring the top quality of our products.

One of the key DEZEGA’s competitive advantages is the ability to adapt and customize its products. When customizing, DEZEGA considers different geological conditions, industry standards, safety rules, and even physiological characteristics of workers in different countries.

Our products are used in more than 40 countries. We are thankful to our customers for their confidence in our products and our brand.