P-30 Self-Contained Regenerative Respirator

P 30

The P-30 respirator has an operating time of 4 hours and is used for mine rescue, firefighting and for operations on industrial facilities where there is an IDLH atmosphere.

Compared to other apparatus, the P-30 model has minimal dimensions and weight, wide temperature range, low operation cost and allows comfortable breathing.

A respirator can be equipped either with a mouthpiece or a full face mask.

The P-30 is tested with UKP-5 tester. We recommend using a KD-8 booster compressor to refill small-size cylinders.

Operation time, hours  4
Weight w/o face mask, kg  
with ice  12.4
without ice  11.6
Oxygen reserve, 1  400
Working pressure, MPa  20
Oxygen supply to the respirator system, l/min  
Constant**  1.5**
Demand valve, min  70
Emergency valve  60 to 150
Dimensions, mm  450x374x165

* — for further information about spare parts, contact the manufacture, dealer or service center.

** — the constant dosage is adjustable and is at times factory set to meet  customer / country specific requirement.