DEZEGA compressed oxygen self-contained closed-circuit breathing apparatus (P-30ЕX)

DEZEGA compressed oxygen self-contained closed-circuit breathing apparatus (P-30ЕX)
DEZEGA compressed oxygen self-contained closed-circuit breathing apparatus (P-30ЕX)
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The apparatus is used in case of emergencies and in the event of exposure to an irrespirable atmosphere.


The P-30ЕX is a compressed oxygen breathing apparatus with a negative pressure breathing circuit. It is used with a full-face mask.

The P-30ЕX is a next generation model of the P-30 breathing apparatus still used by more than ten thousand mine rescuers and firefighters in 20 countries worldwide. Its main features are assured rated duration, small dimension and light weight as well as simple and reliable mechanical design without any electronic components or batteries. When designing this new model, DEZEGA took into account the feedback and recommendations of P-30 professional users all over the world as well as modern regulatory requirements for respiratory protection devices.

As opposed to its predecessor, the P-30EX breathing apparatus is equipped with two fully automated mechanical signal devices that warn users about a lack of oxygen pressure in the breathing circuit and about unacceptable pressure drops.  Moreover, in accordance with the EN 145 European Standard, aluminum parts have been totally excluded from this apparatus. All components are made of antistatic materials, and the new ergonomic harness system is resistant to open flame. As well, by using a composite oxygen pressure cylinder, designers have succeeded in keeping the weight low and dimensions small for the P-30EX.

The P-30EX breathing apparatus does not require special tools for complete disassembly or service maintenance. No special lubricants are used for normal operating work. The breathing apparatus is fully compatible with the most popular devices and apparatuses for service checks, and the checking procedure is similar to those already used.

The breathing apparatus is supplied with a ZIR-1 screw coupling full-face mask, which is fully compliant with EN 136 European Standard. The apparatus can also be used with other screw coupling full-face masks that meet EN 136 requirements.

The P-30EX is adjustable with the help of a UKP-5 instrument. We recommend using a KD-8E boost compressor to refill the small-sized cylinders.

Characteristics and advantages

  • Respiratory protection up to 4 hours;
  • Cooling elements for reduction of inhaled gas temperature;
  • Robust composite oxygen cylinder to reduce the apparatus weight;
  • Improved harness system;
  • Light weight and small size ensure user comfort;
  • No special instruments required for disassembling with the purpose of washing, disinfection or drying.

Specifications and approval
In accordance with EN 145:1997+A1:2000 Standard. Full-face mask ZIR-1 complies with EN 136 Standard.



Rated duration with moderate working conditions, hours 4
Weight w/o face mask (fully-charged oxygen cylinder), fully equipped,  
Without ice and cooler cover, kg 11,8
With ice and cooler cover, kg 12,6
Full-face mask weight, kg 0,7
CO2 absorber weight, kg 2,3
Oxygen reserve, l 400
Working pressure, MPa 20
Low pressure signal device operating pressure, Mpa 5,5
Continuous oxygen supply, l/min 1,4
Bypass valve oxygen supply, l/min 80
Lung demand valve opening pressure, not more, Pa 350
Relief valve opening positive pressure, Pa 150-400
Breathing bag volume, l 5
Dimensions, mm 450х375х165

Using DEZEGA soda-lime is recommended to ensure nominal characteristics.
Available for order

P-30EX breathing apparatus with ZIR-1 full-face mask
 ZIR-1 full-face mask
Set of spare parts
Vacuum flask
Tools and accessories
Antifogging  spray