DEZEGA universal testing device (UKP-5)

DEZEGA universal testing device (UKP-5)
DEZEGA universal testing device (UKP-5)
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The multi-purpose UKP-5 testing device is used for testing oxygen regenerative breathing apparatuses. It can test both a complete set and its parts.


The UKP-5 consists of the combination of an inclined manometer and rheometer, a two-float type flow meter, and a self-contained power system, which includes a 2-liter cylinder with compressed oxygen, a reducer and an ejector.

With assembled breathing apparatus, the UKP-5 can be used to conduct the following tests:
– leakage test;
– continuous oxygen flow by reducer;
– relief valve pressure;
– lung demand valve pressure;
– predetermined oxygen flow under lung demand valve pressure;
– bypass valve oxygen supply.
It can perform the following checks on disassembled parts:
– lung demand valve and bypass valve oxygen supply;
– regenerative cartridge and fridge leakage test;
– reducer protection valve pressure.
The UKP-5 universal testing device can be used with other models of oxygen breathing apparatus.

Technical data

Top limit measurements of manometer, Pa 1000±1
Oxygen flow rate, measured by flow meter, l/min
Upper float 10
Lower float 60,70,90,100,150
Rheometer limit measurements of oxygen flow, l/min 0,6-2,0
Ejector maximum flow capacity, feed/exhaust, l/min, minimum 150
Ejector maximum overflow and vacuum pressure Pa, minimum 5880
Dimensions, mm 450*250*198
Oxygen reserve in cylinder, pressure 20 MPa, l 400
Total weight, kg 14